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Trouble Shooting

Onsite pest activity and no clear plan to solve it? We can help evaluate the situation and current methods and suggest effective solutions

Root Cause Analysis

Monitoring and identifying where the pests are originating from or what opportunities exist on site is the key to preventing long-term or intermittent pest activity.



Utilising the very latest rodent and insect monitoring equipment allows an accurate picture to be created on movement and habits as well as population numbers and ideally, even the demographics of the pest species present. Find out more on our  Smart IPM page


Prevention and Control

Gone are the days of simply applying glue-boards (sticky-boards) to ‘control’ a rodent infestation or simply spraying a bed bug infestation – the pests have evolved and standards and operational pest practice need to follow suit.


Preventing pest activity must be the primary objective – and not just the superficial plugging of second-fix gaps, but getting into the fabric of the building and stopping migration at source.


Using technology to help monitor as soon as pest activity arrives, allows control options to be implemented before the pest becomes established.

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