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Pest Control Services

We offer Pest Control Services across Hampshire, from Newbury to Southampton and along the A34 corridor including Andover, Baskingstoke, Salisbury & Winchester.
We understand that if you have a pest issue, you will want problem resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal fuss or cost. Our pest control team provides a friendly but professional, prompt pest control and removal service to both the commercial and residential sectors.
Our comprehensive pest control services are designed to protect your home, family and pets. Business owners can take advantage of our free site survey, which will provide you with an insight on how to protect your premises from pests on an ongoing basis.

What is a Pest?


Animals are described as pests when they:

• threaten public health
• cause loss of goodwill
• become a nuisance through bites/stings or 
• cause damage through gnawing or eating

Below are some of the most common pests we deal with:-


Image by ahmad kanbar

Mole Control

Image by Malcolm Baskerville

Clothes Moths

Image by Raphi See

Carpet Moths


Wasp Control & Nest Removal

Image by Brett Jordan

Rat Control

Image by Yunu Dinata

Mouse Control

Want to learn more about our services? Get in touch today and see how we can help.

How it works

Our friendly and efficient technicians will carry out a detailed survey to find out :

  1. Why you have the pest in the first place

  2. How are they entering your property/land

  3. What is the best possible solution to resolve this problem

  4. How do we stop your pest problem from coming back


A hierarchy of risks are considered when clearing an infestation, starting with proofing, to stop further infestation and to prevent the problem coming back. Prevention of food/water/harbourage is often the next step, following by treatment of the infestation.

PestWise use a variety of the latest solutions to control/eliminate pests in Hampshire. With no two sites being exactly the same and when dealing with wild creatures a lot of thought is required to come up with the right solutions. 

One call to PestWise can be the first step in alleviating these problems.

Discretion assured, we can take care of: rats, mice, moles, grey squirrels, rabbits, foxes, wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches, beetles, false widow spiders, hornets, ants, solar panel proofing, general bird proof, flies, carpet beetles, fleas, clothes moths, bugs, mites, book lice, carpet moths, tapestry moths.

​​We also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and our friendly local pest control technicians will talk you through the process and fix the problem for you. 

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