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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

New rodenticide bait offers different mode of action and faster control

Limburgerhof, Germany– 2nd November —

BASF has officially launched Selontra®, an innovative rodenticide bait that offers several unique advantages for professional users.

The product contains the active substance cholecalciferol which has a different mode of action to the predominantly used anticoagulant rodenticides. Selontra® contains cholecalciferol in a highly palatable bait matrix.

This unique combination enables Selontra® to control rodent infestations up to three times faster than with anticoagulant rodenticides, even large infestations may be controlled within as few as seven days.

This means that Selontra® stops rodent damage and contamination quicker, saving end users time and money. Selontra® controls rats and mice, including strains resistant to other rodenticides. Available soon in the UK, Selontra® will be launched in further European countries in the near future.

“Selontra® will help professional users to control rodent infestations much quicker than with current solutions,” said Leon van Mullekom, Head of Professional & Specialty Solutions, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, BASF Agricultural Solutions unit, “making it a valuable tool for both urban and rural infestations including industrial and residential sites, life-stock farms and post-harvest protection”.

BASF is committed to providing new and effective solutions for urban and rural pest control. For more information on BASF products, please click here.

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