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Oliver Madge

Oliver is approaching  30 years within the Pest Management Industry and in that time has seen a number of technical developments, changes in attitudes and legislation for the use of pesticides; as well as being involved with many projects to raise the understanding and awareness of the need to control and manage pests.

Oliver became an industry tutor during 2004, becoming a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) as well as NEBOSH qualified, for Health and Safety requirements.

Understanding risk management and how services should be based on the needs of the business and building is one of the primary advantages Oliver possesses. The management of pests is not simply a one fits all solution, the whole process of Integrated Pest Management is unique to the environment in which pests operate.

Evaluating and developing ways that knowledge and skills can be delivered, directly to those people who need to know, at the point-in time they need to know, continues to be one of Oliver's goals.

Previously Oliver has been Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and continued his passion for raising the awareness and standards within the Pest Management Industry. Working with service companies, manufacturers, qualification/standards and sectors skills groups, high-profile end users and related national associations.

In 2016 Oliver became a Chartered Biologist and a member of the Royal Society of Biology, underlining his pest management competence as a field biologist, as well as a professional within the field of public health pest management. 

Oliver also continues to act as one of the professional advisers for many media sources, including Watchdog, Rogue Traders; Radio 4; The One Show; Countryfile and national newspapers.

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